Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Gluten Free Go To Tools

Gluten free cooking and baking can be very tricky and challenging and through trial and error you will find your go to tools that you will use on a consistent basis while your cooking and baking which will help you find that balance. I certainly have found mine and could not even imagine not having some of these very basic tools in my kitchen, I have so many more but for now I will give you my basic set of my very favorite go to tools and as you read through some of my recipes you will now know what I use so that you can use the same or something similar to be able to follow the recipe with the same results.


Small Cookie Scoop:

This makes your life so much easier as your preparing your cookies, not only will your cookies be round and pretty they will all be the same size and will cook evenly.

Pastry Cutter or Blender:

I use this tool when I make pie crusts, I like a nice flaky crust and find this tool useful to help you not over work your dough.

Pie Crust Bag:

This is what I use to roll my gluten free pie crusts out in, I use about a tablespoon of my gluten free flour blend shake it to coat evenly and place pie crust on the inside and I have a perfect pie crust every time without the hassle of it sticking to the counter top or ripping.  I must say this has to be about my favorite tool yet. 

Microplane Zester:

This tool is very useful for any type of zesting lemons, limes, oranges, etc. or parmesan cheese. This tool is very sharp and handy.

Medium Sized Scraper:

I love this tool and use it often more so for chopping and dropping into your pan, wether your using it for vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc. saves you so much time to scrape it off with out leaving anything left on the board.


I use silpats to line my cookie sheets so that my cookies or whatever I'm baking does not stick, a very useful tool.

Parchment Paper:

I love parchment paper and I HAVE to have this on hand always.
I use it to line my cookie sheets, line cake pans, cook fish, etc. I could go on and on for how useful parchment paper is.

I hope you have enjoyed my list of my useful go to tools for gluten free cooking and baking and I hope this helps you in your kitchen.

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